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The two national V small tonnage crane products developed by Changqi company in response to the market differentiation demand were officially rolled off the production line and put into commissioning recently, which made sufficient preparations for the final announcement of the product to enter the market

two national V small tonnage products have been released from the production line

with the urgent need to digest the social stock of domestic large and medium tonnage cranes and the steady increase in the demand for structural miniaturized cranes, Changqi company is confident that you can take advantage of the business opportunities. Relying on its competitive advantage in the manufacturing of small tonnage cranes, it has timely launched two "mini" cranes of 8 tons and 12 tons, injecting a vitality into the crane market in a calm period

the two new products developed by Changqi adopt the brand-new Liangqiao V flat head chassis and four section arm products, which are mainly used in 3D printing, medical devices, life sciences and other fields. Compared with the national V emission products of the same tonnage in the same industry, the lifting performance parameters and working speeds of each mechanism have excellent performance, safety and reliability, and convenient use and maintenance. In particular, the advantages of low fuel consumption and good flexibility have become new selling points. (this article is from Sinomach)

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