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Two scientific research achievements of Jingzhou vocational and technical college have won the national invention patent

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core tips: Recently, luoxiaomei, a teacher of Jingzhou vocational and technical college The two scientific research achievements of "a film packaging machine" and "a carton packaging machine" developed by xiaozhiyu and others successfully passed the review of national invention automatic saving all experimental data and curve patent, and successfully obtained the authorization of invention patent

[China Packaging News] recently, the two scientific research achievements of a film packaging machine and a carton packaging machine developed by luoxiaomei and xiaozhiyu, teachers of Jingzhou vocational and technical college, successfully passed the national invention patent review and were granted the invention patent authorization

the invention patent "a film packaging machine" adopts the heat sealing principle, uses two layers of plastic film to automatically package articles with different strength>4cn/dtex specifications, and realizes the integration of heat sealing, bagging and cutting, which can well solve the problems of loose packaging, high labor intensity, low work efficiency, and The packaging instigates such problems as poor contact and large waste of materials at the connection between the meter head and the instrument wiring terminal

the invention patent "a carton packaging machine" is a combination innovation. The combination of the four-bar mechanism, the telescopic rod and the suction cup realizes the automatic unpacking of the carton. The movement of the cylinder piston rod and the track cooperate to realize the folding and displacement of the carton, which makes the packaging process simple and fast. It is suitable for the packaging of cartons of various sizes and specifications. It is suitable for the field experiment static tension of a variety of commodity packaging, and can complete the packaging in a short time, It saves manpower and improves packaging efficiency

the person in charge of Jingzhou vocational and technical college said that this was the first time that the University was granted a national invention patent, which not only filled the gap in teaching and scientific research, but also reflected the improvement of teachers' innovation ability, laying a good foundation for the university to create excellence and impact the next round of "double high" university construction

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