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Liquid packaging machines face serious technical constraints

[packaging E-line] at present, China's packaging machinery is excessively dependent on foreign high-end technology, which has seriously restricted the sustainable and stable development of China's packaging industry. As far as liquid packaging machines are concerned, due to the influence of Sanlu incident, liquid packaging machines have been in a depressed state for a long time, and there are fatal constraints in the technology of liquid packaging machines. According to packaging e-line, there are only a few liquid packaging machinery manufacturers with independent innovation and R & D capabilities at present

technical constraints faced by liquid packaging machines

only by improving the consistency and continuity of equipment health and safety, can we deal with the change of the original process of this raw material. The contradiction between the special requirements of the industry and the lack of compound technical talents in dairy processing and packaging equipment, UHT and aseptic technology are at a higher technical level, which are comprehensive achievements of related technical disciplines, and also key technologies and equipment that need to be broken through in China. Dairy processing and packaging equipment industry is an industry with special requirements; In terms of technology, manufacturers should have comprehensive qualities such as biochemical pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing technology, experience of dairy processing technologists, ability of automatic integration technology and means of total quality control

in order to break through key technologies, in addition to sufficient R & D financial support, it is more important to be able to digest and absorb relevant foreign advanced technologies, and comprehensively improve the high reliability and high security of the comprehensive performance of equipment by means of innovative means integrating breakthrough and integration. This requires high-quality compound talents with the ability of technological integration and innovation. Due to the development history and capital structure of the industry, the extreme lack of high-quality talents has not only become an indisputable fact of turning waste into treasure, but also become a bottleneck restricting the development of the technical level of the industry

particularity of dairy packaging machine industry

spear EU with lack of industry development pattern and macro guidance. 1 according to the "3.3" draft plan, the particularity of Dun dairy packaging machine industry is manifested in: wide technical span, strong comprehensiveness, large market development space, etc. the key to the development of new energy vehicles lies in the battery. However, the composition of industrial capital is relatively simple, the pattern is relatively scattered, and the phenomenon of mutual blockade between enterprises, technological monopoly and behind closed doors is more serious. At the technical level, most of them are low-level common conventional equipment production, there is an extreme lack of high-quality talents, and there are only a few manufacturers with independent innovation and R & D capabilities. The macro guidance of the industry belongs to many industry associations, and there are many policies, forming a "three no" industry without clear macro guidance, development support policies, and technical regulation supervision, which seriously restricts the improvement of the overall technical level and greatly lags behind the development of the dairy industry

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