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Liquid level monitoring affects the quality of products. Liquid level sensors set sail for the quality assurance of finished products

the pharmaceutical process needs real-time monitoring, automatic control, scheduling and management to achieve the purpose of reducing costs, increasing efficiency and ensuring safety. This requires pharmaceutical enterprises to carefully investigate and verify the characteristics and advantages of each measurement method according to the measurement requirements and use environment, and scientifically select liquid level detection technology and corresponding detection instruments, To ensure the reliability and stability of the test

with the advent of the intelligent era, in the process of intelligent production, liquid level detection and monitoring play an important role in the generation of the pharmaceutical industry. Liquid level monitoring directly affects the quality of products, 5 You can view and print the measured data Even related to the smooth progress of the production process. At the same time, as an important measuring instrument, liquid level detection equipment is one of the important elements to ensure safety in the production process. The qualified liquid level detection equipment and excellent liquid level detection technology not only guarantee the quality of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products for pharmaceutical enterprises. Therefore, in order to ensure the consistency of product quality, only scientific selection of liquid level detection technology can ensure the reliability and stability of detection results

liquid level sensor assists pharmaceutical enterprises in liquid level detection

liquid level gauge is to measure the height of the liquid level in the tank or box and display the height of the liquid level inside. The liquid level has a wide range of uses, including liquid level annunciator and continuous liquid level measurement. The liquid level annunciator measures the liquid level at several fixed positions and is used for the upper and lower limit alarm of liquid level. Continuous liquid level measurement is a continuous measurement of liquid level, which is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, food processing, pharmaceutical industry and so on

for several liquid level detection technologies commonly used in pharmaceutical enterprises, pressure method, buoyancy method, electrical method, ultrasonic method, radar method, tuning fork vibration method, etc. However, in pharmaceutical enterprises, strong acid and strong alkali raw materials used in synthetic production and sewage treatment are strongly corrosive objects, and non-contact liquid level meters should be used for liquid level detection of storage tanks and water tanks. At present, with the realization of pharmaceutical process automation, some pharmaceutical manufacturers use photoelectric liquid level sensors to control the liquid level. According to the photoelectric liquid level sensor, the liquid conductivity is used to monitor the liquid level. Once the liquid level touches the corresponding pole, the switch signal will be generated, and the signal will be used to control the liquid level after processing. In fact, the liquid level switch is simple in structure and can measure different liquid levels. It is suitable for occasions where the chief engineer of Dongshan Dongdao engao molecular materials Co., Ltd. Tian Hongchi said that guan1 has been promoting the development of new materials industry and continuously displaying specific liquid levels in recent years

liquid level sensor helps pharmaceutical enterprises with liquid level detection

so it is easy to realize real-time monitoring, automatic control, scheduling and management in the pharmaceutical process, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and ensure safety. For the purpose, industrial mining technology provides a solution for the operation steps of British SST photoelectric liquid level sensor/photoelectric liquid level switch - llc200d3sh related safety rope/safety belt detection experimental machine. Photoelectric liquid level switch - llc200d3sh provides single point liquid level detection and TTL compatible push-pull output. The designed sensor contains an infrared emission source and a detector, and the installation position is accurate to ensure that the two achieve good optical coupling in the air. When the conical end of the sensor is immersed in liquid, infrared light will be transmitted out of the conical surface, and the light intensity reaching the detector will become weak. The LLC series photoelectric liquid level sensor (industrial grade, photoelectric water immersion sensor) is specially designed for industrial applications. Be competent for heavy-duty environment in industrial applications. This series of products are suitable for power supply environment with wide voltage range, and the driving current can reach 250mA. Therefore, this series of sensors can directly drive alarms and other equipment

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