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Liquid glass also has great uses, or will rewrite the detergent market

glass has always been a transparent fixing material in people's hearts, but many people don't know that glass can also be liquid. Liquid glass is as transparent and sticky as glue. And when it comes to beer packaging, even if the glass becomes liquid, it still retains many characteristics of solid glass, such as repelling water, dirt and bacteria, and then has the functions of heat resistance, acid resistance, UV radiation resistance, etc.

therefore, liquid glass has a wide range of uses in the market. It only needs to add a small amount of water to the glass solution or do stretching, tightening, bending, tearing, shearing, 180 degree peeling, 90 degree peeling experimental alcohol, If it is made into a spray and sprayed directly on the surface of any object, it will quickly form a transparent film, whose thickness is only 1% of the hair. In this way, it can protect the object. Moreover, the liquid glass is non-toxic and will not cause adverse pollution to the environment, and the liquid glass spray is also easy to clean. It is likely that liquid glass sprays will replace many chemical sprays in the near future

speaking of the use of liquid glass, there are the following aspects:

1. Cultural relics protection:

Turkey's national cultural relics units have applied this nano material to cultural relics protection. They sprayed liquid glass on the domes and marble surfaces of some buildings in August 2008. Up to now, the buildings are still waterproof, and the surface color is still bright as before

2. Aseptic cleaning:

Germany has carried out a comparative test experiment on liquid glass with bleach and other chemical cleaners. The results show that spray liquid glass has higher sterility and can be removed only with hot water. For the majority of housewives, this is undoubtedly a dream nursing assistant. Neil McClellan y, British marketing manager of nanopool, recommended a small experiment to housewives: spray expensive silk shirts with liquid glass spray, and then pour a bottle of red wine on the clothes. It was found that the red wine flowed down the shirt, just like water flowing over the surface of lotus leaves, and did not penetrate into the shirt fabric at all

in addition, in addition to home cleaning and care, liquid glass is also used in hospitals, factories, hotels, campuses and other places, a variety of products, it is really a necessary good product for home travel

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