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Liaoyang Petrochemical neoalcohol and ketone unit set a record

as of October 24, Liaoyang Petrochemical neoalcohol and ketone unit, following the record of 153 days of continuous operation set at the end of March, set a new record of 191 days of long-term operation, and the alkali washing cycle of the unit exceeded the original design value of 90 days. In this long-term operation, the company not only won the production time and increased the production of 700 tons of alcohol and ketone products, but also significantly reduced the energy consumption, material consumption and inspection and maintenance costs of the unit due to the advantages of reducing the burden on the environment caused by the alkali washing capacity

since the beginning of this year, Liaoyang Petrochemical has further strengthened its fine management and sought benefits from the safe, stable, long-term and planned operation of the unit. In the operation management of the unit, Liaoyang Petrochemical implements the territorial package mechanism, the three-level inspection system and the five character inspection method of "listening, touching, measuring, watching and comparing" from the aspects of management, safety, production, process, alternating stress, which makes the two sides of the crack open and close the equipment from time to time, so as to timely find and eliminate more than 20 hidden dangers, such as internal leakage of the mechanical seal, motor failure, flange bolt corrosion, etc., reduce unplanned shutdown, and ensure the long-term operation of the unit

in order to extend the operation cycle of the unit, Liaoyang experimental petrochemical production workshop strengthened the analysis of production and operation parameters under the specified experimental conditions and requirements, and took measures such as controlling the water level, implementing double pump operation, increasing the discharge load, etc. to optimize the operation of the double effect distillation tower and improve the output. At the same time, they delayed the formation of scale by reducing the tower pressure, controlling the tower bottom temperature, appropriately increasing the amount of anti sedimentation agent and alkali concentration, and extended the production cycle and alkali washing cycle of the unit

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