The hottest new adhesive can prevent pipeline corr

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The new adhesive can prevent pipeline corrosion

this system in Shaanxi Province can carry out a variety of experiments under sine wave, reasonable structural and functional design, 3-angle wave, square wave, trapezoidal wave, oblique wave and user-defined waveform. Experts from the agricultural reclamation scientific research center found that the pipeline that seriously plagues natural flavor production enterprises is prone to corrosion and cumbersome maintenance. The unit with low impact energy in ISO is kj/m2 intelligent building design standard gb/t50314 ⑵ 000 Unsafe problems can be achieved by applying adhesives

in the process of natural flavor preparation and processing, due to the corrosion and damage of pipelines, transmission media such as acetone, alcohol, petroleum ether and other solvents, steam and water often leak during production and operation. Generally, the way for manufacturers to deal with this problem is to discharge all the media in operation, and then use oxygen welding or electric welding to weld the leakage point after a series of treatment. This method not only needs to stop production, but also the treatment process is cumbersome and inefficient, which is more difficult for fixed pipelines with fire protection requirements

the expert test of Shaanxi Agricultural Reclamation scientific research center has proved that the use of two adhesives consisting of cyanoacrylate and acrylate can achieve satisfactory results in container sealing and pipe plugging

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