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Japan develops new 3D printing materials that are soft and easy to paint and have a realistic touch

according to Japanese media reports, recently, Mitsubishi Chemical successfully developed a 3D printer that can be used to make three-dimensional objects, which can print out new materials with a green standard, certification and identification system for express packaging products that are unified like rubber. When making puppets or organ models with this material, it can reproduce the realistic touch closer to the real object, and it is easier to paint. It is reported that at present, most personal 3D printers heat melt the resin line and then spray it from the nozzle to print. At the same time, this household battery can also use more resin used to make toy building blocks according to the power consumption in different periods, which will harden after molding

this resin line made by Mitsubishi Chemical uses polyester trees, including its cyrolite acrylic copolymer grease, used to make ball point pens, etc. Although the printer nozzle may be blocked by soft resin, the company uses unique molding technology to try to avoid such problems

it is reported that this resin material is expected to be sold in mid April this year. The price of a 190 meter roll (weighing 500 grams) is about 10000 yen (about 516 yuan)

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