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Prevention and treatment of transportation accidents

1. Strengthen the transportation management of the auxiliary inclined shaft, the inclined shaft of the south wing shaft and the lane with resistance to yellowing above grade 3.5 of the South Second liaison:

(1) inspect and test the anti sports car device in strict accordance with the regulations. The auxiliary transportation business is led and managed by the technical office, the facilities are managed by the technical researchers' office, and the equipment is managed by the electromechanical room

(2) daily check the inclined shaft error code signal system and other safety equipment and facilities, and deal with problems in time if found

(3) carry out transportation operations in strict accordance with regulations and measures

2. The tracks of auxiliary inclined shaft, South Wing inclined shaft, South second connecting roadway and transportation roadway, panel centralized transportation roadway, and return air roadway in fully mechanized mining face must be of good quality, and they must be inspected and maintained frequently

3. The tunneling roadway track must meet the requirements of qualified products, and it must be inspected and maintained frequently

4. The intact rate of people and vehicles in the drift reaches 100%. Strengthen the daily inspection and maintenance of people and vehicles, and strictly implement the fixed-point and fixed-point departure of people and vehicles

5. Daily inspection and maintenance of auxiliary transportation equipment of toothed rail car and small winch shall be strengthened to ensure the safe operation of the equipment

6. The electric locomotive shall be subject to annual review as required, and daily inspection and maintenance shall be strengthened

7. Regularly inspect and maintain overhead lines

8. Strengthen the management of narrow gauge vehicle connectors:

(1) test the connectors used in the auxiliary inclined shaft, the inclined shaft of the south wing shaft and the South second connecting Lane once a year according to the regulations. If they are unqualified, they should be scrapped immediately and replaced

(2) connectors used in other places shall be self inspected by each unit every month, and the inspection results shall be recorded. Unqualified connectors shall be scrapped immediately and replaced

9. Strengthen the pedestrian management in the transportation roadway:

(1) implement the pedestrian vehicle diversion system in the transportation roadway and the panel concentrated roadway

(2) the winch transportation products have been approved by the important new replacement policy (SNAP) project of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the crane can't operate without people; Regulations on pedestrians not driving

10. Mine cars and material cars should be inspected frequently and maintained in time

11. Carry out business and technical training for various types of work of narrow gauge transportation to improve the operation skills and professional level of the staff of the transportation operation team

12. Strengthen the management of the transportation team:

(1) sign the business security letter with the deputy leader of the transportation team

(2) irregularly check the standardization of transportation lines every month

(3) improve the management system of professional and non professional transportation teams

13. Strengthen the management of scattered transportation operations. Before operation, detailed safety technical measures must be formulated to clarify the construction project, construction period, workload of coarse and fine grinding wheels at the same time, technical and safety principals, safety measures and other contents, so as to ensure the safety of scattered operation and transportation

14. For the gangue shaft lifting device, the gangue shaft work area must do the following:

(1) strengthen the inspection of new steel wire rope before hanging and the regular inspection of steel wire rope in use, and ensure that it conforms to the relevant provisions of articles 401 and 402 of the coal mine safety regulations

(2) the cage fall arrester newly installed or overhauled, the cage fall arrester in use and the connecting device must be tested regularly according to the relevant provisions of articles 413 and 414 of the coal mine safety regulations, and their actions must be sensitive and reliable

(3) the safety devices against overwinding and overspeed must comply with the relevant provisions of article 427 of the coal mine safety regulations

15. The technical office is responsible for the prevention of mine transportation accidents

when transportation accidents may occur, site personnel must hide in the shelter chamber or enter a safe place according to the site conditions. Once a transportation accident occurs, the person in charge of safety or the person in charge of transportation shall rescue the accident immediately after the accident is stable, and report to the mine dispatching room and the safety inspection section to minimize the impact of the accident

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