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Prevention and management of water conservancy project construction safety

Abstract: This paper analyzes the potential safety hazards of water conservancy project construction, and puts forward the prevention, management and monitoring measures of water conservancy project construction safety, so as to promote the safe operation of water conservancy project

key words: hydraulic engineering; Construction safety; Hidden danger; prevention; Management

in the construction of civil engineering projects, the safety problems of hydraulic engineering construction are prominent, and it is particularly urgent to implement safety regulations and standards and deepen civilized construction management. Combined with the practice of water conservancy project safety management [] in recent years, the following discussion is made

1 analysis of potential safety hazards in water conservancy project construction

compared with general construction projects, there are more and greater potential safety hazards in water conservancy project construction, mainly including: first, the project scale is large, there are many construction units, the site is often scattered, the distance between sites is large, the communication is inconvenient, and the safety management of the system is difficult. Second, the construction objects involved are numerous and complex, and the form of single management is variable. For example, some involve earth rock blasting engineering, contact explosive detonators, and have blasting safety problems; Safety support of foundation pit slope during foundation pit excavation; The use of large mechanical facilities should ensure the safety during erection and use; Some tunnels involve water diversion and power generation, which leads to the safety problems of tunnel excavation, lining and plugging during tunnel construction. Third, the construction is difficult and the technology is complex. The electronic, microcomputer controlled and electro-hydraulic servo microcomputer controlled will be equally easy to cause potential safety hazards, such as the reinforced concrete lining of the tunnel body, especially the concrete lining of the blocking section, the use of pumped concrete, the safety of the formwork system and the safety of the suspended mass concrete formwork erection, reinforcement binding, concrete pouring construction, etc. Fourth, the construction site is "open" construction, which cannot be effectively closed and isolated. The safety management of construction objects, site equipment, materials and personnel has increased the difficulty. Fifth, the low cultural level of migrant workers, coupled with the variable types of work assigned, makes their safety adaptability and adaptability relatively poor, increasing potential safety hazards. For example, migrant workers have fallen from scaffolding and steel bars have passed through the chest, which is mostly caused by the lack of safety common sense of migrant workers

2 prevention of water conservancy project construction safety

2.1 pay attention to safety education and pay attention to safety in ideology

safety prevention. Ideology is the key. First, the top management of each construction unit should be made to establish a strong sense of safety. Whether safety first can be adhered to in the construction of water conservancy projects depends on whether the management leaders of the construction unit and the main principals of the project department can take safety as the first consideration in all work. Therefore, the construction unit should clearly put forward that safety is one of the main basis for the assessment of management leaders, project managers and technical principals, The one vote veto system is adopted. If a safety accident occurs and the leader is investigated, the annual bonus will be deducted according to the seriousness of the case, until the dismissal and resignation. Through the "one vote veto system", the consciousness of safety from the management to the project department will be urgently stimulated. Second, people-oriented, strengthen the safety awareness of workers and migrant workers, and effectively change the mentality of migrant workers that you want me to be safe. Through the three-level safety education and the system of one vote veto, as well as a large number of accident cases, accident notification, General Assembly mobilization, small meeting arrangement and discussion, presenting facts and reasoning and other forms and ways, the sense of safety of workers and migrant workers is greatly improved, Make it clear to everyone that construction safety is not only related to personal safety, but also to the reputation and image of the project and the success of the whole project construction. It is indeed the top priority of everyone. In terms of ideology, we have established a sense of hardship, so that every manager and migrant workers can always tighten the string of safety, which provides a strong ideological guarantee for the implementation of safety systems and safety measures

2.2 formulate safety system and carry out system education

from the owner to the project Department of the construction unit and grass-roots teams, formulate and implement safety system at all levels on the basis of unified thinking. The safety system must be combined with the situation of the Department and the team, including general requirements, general safety systems, and special requirements in combination with the situation of each unit. The safety system should be "alarmed for a long time" and implemented, instilled, implemented, and implemented in various forms

2.3 use the construction organization design disclosure to carry out the safety construction technology education

in order to implement the major safety technical measures of engineering construction, the safety protection manual should be prepared as the safety specification before the project construction, which should be sent to all employees for serious study, and use the construction organization design or the project construction technology disclosure to carry out the safety measures education of the project. When preparing the construction organization design, According to the characteristics of the project, the potential safety hazards and countermeasures that should be specially emphasized in the project should be put forward. Through the disclosure and education of safety technology, the construction personnel and every worker should have a deep understanding of the general safety requirements and safety measures of the project construction, which will lay a foundation for the implementation of specific safety technical measures in the construction

2.4 when the construction team is established, it pays attention to safety management and implements safety measures from the organization. For each project, the construction site should establish a safety management system with the project manager as the first person, arrange quality safety officers, and give corresponding safety management powers, including the right to stop illegal operations, the right to stop work with serious hidden dangers, the right to economic punishment, and the right to veto safety, so as to ensure that they can effectively exercise their duties. For special operation personnel and dangerous operation posts, they should be strictly trained and work with certificates, and it is clearly stipulated that workers have the right to refuse the illegal command of management personnel and dangerous operations without safety protection

3 safety management and monitoring in the construction process

in the safety management of water conservancy project construction, the management and monitoring of the construction process is procedural, the management time is long, the span is large, and the scope is wide. At the same time, it is also the stage of whether the management is effective and directly subject to inspection. In the safety management of the construction process, we should not only take overall consideration, not leave dead corners, but also concentrate on the key points; We should not only pay attention to the construction safety during the peak period of construction, but also pay attention to all safety links during other construction periods; We should not only strictly control the safety operation procedures of key processes, but also comprehensively grasp the safety requirements of general process construction; We should not only pay attention to the construction safety of construction objects in key parts, but also ensure the safe production of all construction objects

3.1 control key construction objects and key construction processes to ensure safe production

key construction objects (including dangerous construction parts) and key construction processes should be used as safety management control parts. Key construction objects (including dangerous construction parts) such as high-altitude construction, diversion tunnel lining and plugging construction, deep foundation pit excavation and support construction, earthwork blasting and excavation construction, and key construction processes such as mass pouring For the welding and processing of reinforcement, hoisting and transportation of large components, scaffolding engineering, etc., the safety inspection system and the safety watch system of special personnel shall be implemented for the above two keys, so as to truly implement the system, check and implement, and ensure the construction safety

3.2 standardized management, implement full staff, whole process and all-round safety production control

adhering to standardization is the basic work of safety production, and the most powerful guarantee of safety production during the full staff, whole process and all-round implementation of standardization and standardized construction. During the project construction, the construction objects, operators and the quality assurance period of the operation process every day: procedures, safety precautions and safety measures should be specified after the implementation of standardization requirements, Before and at all times during the construction, the operators should be clear about the construction site, the construction object, the work requirements and the safety precautions, so as to eliminate the potential safety hazards caused by unclear conditions, unclear responsibilities and blind construction, and ensure the requirements of the "three safety" safety factor control

3.3 pay attention to safety management at the operation site

the construction site of water conservancy project is the final implementation point of safety management, and it is also the final place of potential safety hazards and safety accidents. We must strictly grasp the safe operation and safe construction at the operation site. First, establish and improve various on-site operation management systems, such as system, spot check system, safety disclosure, fire prevention and safe electricity use system; The management system and safety discipline for the safe use of machines, tools and equipment shall be supervised by full-time safety inspectors. If any hidden dangers and signs of safety accidents and illegal operations are found, corresponding measures shall be taken immediately and seriously investigated. Second, all kinds of personnel are strictly prohibited from working without certificates. Non professionals are strictly prohibited from engaging in professional types of work. Non electrical personnel are strictly prohibited from installing and repairing electrical circuits. Miscellaneous personnel are strictly prohibited from entering high-altitude overhanging, dangerous work sites and flammable and explosive storage yards to avoid all kinds of accidental injuries. Third, the process alternation, type of work replacement, operation surface delivery and other links are formed by adding some rare metals and rare precious metals in a vacuum environment, which should include safe handover; The "early warning points" and "key points" of safety control should be specially explained to prevent potential safety hazards caused by unknown or unfamiliar situations. Fourth, rush work is particularly prone to accidents. Late night work and continuous work are extremely prone to safety accidents caused by the fatigue and late night sleepiness of construction personnel, which should generally be avoided as far as possible; Under special circumstances of the project, it is indeed necessary to work overtime. The safety officer should strengthen supervision and inspection on the basis of making preparations, control the on-site operation status at all times, and strictly prevent accidents. Fifth, water conservancy projects are often large-scale projects, with a wide range of construction sites, a large amount of explosive and flammable materials, and prone to fire. It is necessary to establish a fire-fighting team led by the project manager and safety officer, carry out necessary fire-fighting knowledge training exercises at ordinary times, and equip a certain number of fire extinguishers (foam, dry powder) and other fire-fighting facilities in carpentry workshops, machine repair workshops, power houses, canteens, warehouses and other places prone to fire, Be prepared. Sixth, after the completion of each day, each construction team shall carefully clean up the site and leave the site after being accepted by the safety inspectors, so as to prevent all kinds of potential safety hazards. Seventh, full-time or part-time safety personnel receive training in the use of corresponding system first aid, equipment and equipment, and drug preparation for emergency use

3.4 strengthen the safety management of water conservancy project construction system

in view of the particularity of water conservancy project construction, there are many points and areas, scattered personnel, difficult management, and many weak links, system management theory can be applied in safety management to comprehensively manage and control, so as to achieve the best effect. We should pay attention to the safety management of the whole project construction, so that the safety system of the project is in the state of organic connection and overall optimization. The construction of water conservancy projects is highly mobile, and the staff work in the field for many years. The construction site environment is difficult, and the amateur life is monotonous and boring. It is easy to affect the mood, cause psychological pressure, and lead to various safety hazards. In the paper released in July, the construction team pointed out that the management personnel and the project department should be people-oriented, strive to improve the working environment and treatment, improve the amateur life of migrant workers, reasonably arrange work and rest time, do a good job in psychological counseling and mood adjustment of employees, so that employees are in a state of physical pleasure and emotional optimism. Although they are on the construction site, they give employees a sense of "home" and improve the centripetal force and cohesion of employees; Carry out rich and colorful cultural and recreational activities and all kinds of positive competitions and evaluation activities to guide the energy of employees to their jobs and bring "popularity" to safety management


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