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Prevention and safety measures for coke oven gas explosion accident

in the coking system, coke oven gas is a valuable secondary energy, and laser additive manufacturing refers to the more common metal 3D printing process in the electric bed fusion series. It can not only be used as the gas for heating coke ovens, but also as the fuel for heating various industrial furnaces in the metallurgical industry, but also provide fuel gas for the lives of thousands of households. Proper use of gas can benefit the society. However, in the operation and maintenance of gas facilities, if you lack complete knowledge and violate the objective law, there is a risk of gas explosion accidents. Based on the safety knowledge of coke oven gas, this paper introduces the prevention and safety measures of gas explosion accidents for your reference

I. what are the characteristics of coke oven gas

1. The calorific value of coke oven gas is as high as 17564~18819kj/m., The fluctuation of calorific value of gas is small, which is convenient for adjustment and operation. Compared with low calorific value gas, the consumption of gas is less, and the amount of waste gas is also less

2. Coke oven gas contains more hydrogen, 54~59% overlap, less nonflammable components, fast combustion speed and short flame

3. Coke oven gas contains many hydrocarbons, which can decompose graphite at high temperature, and is easy to hang on the burner, affecting combustion

4. When coke oven gas is mixed with air to a certain proportion, it can form explosive gas, which will explode in case of fire. The composition causing explosion ranges from 5 to 3O

5. When the coke oven gas is dirty, the gas pipelines and pipe fittings are easy to be blocked by tar and naphthalene, and the condensate in the gas will also corrode the pipelines and pipes, increasing the difficulty of operation and maintenance

II. Prevention and safety measures for coke oven gas explosion accident

(I) dangerous characteristics of coke oven gas

gas explosion accident is extremely destructive. 4. Electronic universal testing machine selects cut samples and will burn rectangular samples: cut rectangular samples are pre cut samples. Carelessness and carelessness will cause gas explosion accidents. Therefore, coking workers should understand this characteristic of gas, and know the safety common sense of prevention and treatment of gas accidents. See Table 1 for the dangerous characteristics of all kinds of gas

cantilever impact testing machine its standard sample specification in ASTM is 6412.7 3.2mm (2.5 0.5 0.125 inches)

it can be seen from table 1 that the lower explosion limit of coke oven gas and natural gas is low and the explosion risk is high. The main ingredients are hydrogen and methane, which are less dangerous. Blast furnace gas and producer gas are mainly composed of carbon monoxide, which is highly toxic, colorless and tasteless. The risk of poisoning is high, the lower explosion limit is high, and the risk of explosion is small. Therefore, coke oven gas is mainly used to prevent gas explosion accidents

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